R. E. West Transportation offers two logistical divisions to serve the needs of its customers: our dry van division and our specialized freight division.  The wide array of talent we have assembled in each division allows us to be uniquely suited to handle virtually all of your transportation needs.  Whether its a 35,000 lb. drop-deck van load of water heaters or a 60 ton rock crusher, R. E. West can get it there on time and safely.

Our entire fleet is comprised of top of the line, late-model tractors and trailers.  Every power unit is equipped with an Omnitrac MCP 200; this allows for near-realtime, pinpoint accurate positioning of your freight.  Customers are invited to sign up for access to our load tracking web-app; provided free of charge.


Dry Van Division

R. E West's Dry Van division is based out of Middle Tennessee and services the entire continental United States and Canada. Major lanes of traffic include both inbound and outbound freight from Tennessee to Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, and California.

The Dry Van division of R. E. West Inc helps make your shipping duties as painless as possible by providing you a single point of contact for any questions regarding your freight. Our late-model equipment is coupled with both traditional 53 foot straight frame trailers and our high-cube drop-deck van trailers.  Certificate of Insurance and Carrier Authority documents are available upon request.

For more information on our dry van division, please contact:

Bill West | 800 792 9552 x 1006 | 615 466 1906

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Specialized Division

R. E. West's Specialized Freight division is based out of Livingston, Tennessee and offers service to all 48 continental states and Canada. We use a combination of flatbed, Removable Goose-neck (RGN), and oversized 7 and 11 axle equipment configurations to handle the most challenging freight our customers have to offer.  We offer end-to-end service complete with route planning, permit purchasing, and escort car scheduling and coordination.  Our team of experienced customer service representatives work with you to determine the best type of equipment to move your freight in the most safe and economic way possible.

For more information on our specialized freight division, please contact:

Robert Walker | 800 792 9552 x 1116 | 615 466 9016

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You can probably tell by looking at the pictures on our site; we love our equipment.  Our trucks and trailers are our passion; its a love affair going back decades to Bob West's very first truck in 1969.  Over the years we've tried virtually every make and model, and as technology has improved we have worked tirelessly to stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry.  When we spec equipment, the scene resembles a war room on day one of the NFL draft.  Our maintenance, safety, operations, vendors, and executive teams have all weighed in and at the end of hours of conversation and comparison, we have the newest member of our fleet.  If it has the R. E. West logo on its cab, then you know you are looking at a safe, fuel efficient, top of the line truck.  Each of our late-model units is equipped with an APU that saves thousands of hours of engine time and gallons of fuel over the life of the truck, Pre-Pass and EZ-Pass to minimize the need for in-route stops due to tolls and inspection stations, obstacle avoidance, Omnitrac MCP 200s and IVGs for communications and positioning, the DriveCam Analytics package for driver training and protection, and much more.