Bob West - President and CEO

Bob with his wife Reita and their two children Bill Bob and Jenny

We have all heard of the "American Dream", that idea that a person can start with very little and, through their own hard work, build up a business that can provide for their family. Over the past 50 years, Bob West has lived the American Dream. Guided by the principles of Hard work, Dedication, and Customer Loyalty, Bob grew his business from a single truck operation hauling cattle in the backwoods of Tennessee to the nation-wide carrier it is today. Bob stresses the importance of "taking ownership" to all of the employees of R. E. West Inc. He leads by example, being hands on in everything from sales to driver recruitment. He is a well respected leader in the transportation world and has strove to stay "ahead of the curve" by always being at the forefront of new technologies in the trucking industry. He has helped make R. E. West truly a family-based company, both his wife Reita and his two children Bill Bob and Jenny all play major roles in the day to day operations of the company. He and his family work hard every day to make sure that the values he founded the company on aren't just words in a slogan; rather, they are a culture of success.

Bob works out of the corporate office in Ashland City, TN. His door is always open, whether it be to a prospective client, current customer, or curious passerby. He would like to thank you for visiting our web site and hopes that we can earn your business.